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Best New England Vacations: Things to Do in Boston, Maine Vacations, Things to Do in New Hampshire, Things to Do in Rhode Island and More

Get this FREE guide to best vacation spots in New England before you take your next trip!

Dear Friend,

If you wanted to discover the very best places to visit in New England – even if you’ve never set foot there before – who would you ask? A seasoned New England traveler? A crusty old native, sitting on his front porch, saying ‘You can’t get there from here?’ A professional travel agent?

You don’t have to ask any of them. All you have to do is download this FREE guide, Best New England Vacations: Things to Do in Boston, Maine Vacations, Things to Do in New Hampshire, Things to Do in Rhode Island and More, from Yankee magazine.

Even if you’ve never been to New England, you’ve probably heard of Yankee. They’re the folks who’ve been writing about New England since 1935. So you know that this guide is the best resource you could ask for – and it’s a lot easier than tracking down all those different experts I mentioned above. (Also – it’s FREE!)

The best New England vacations start with …

Everyone who vacations in New England has a favorite place. So this guide covers the best of the best in all six states. You get insider information on places to stay and things to do, gorgeous color photos, and above all, the practiced eye of our team of New Englanders who actually visit all of these wonderful places and share their experience with you.

This FREE guide will help you …

  • Choose the places and activities that will be perfect for you and your family
  • Decide when to go and how to get there
  • Plan the best possible trip with confidence
  • Relax on a well-researched trip that holds no surprises
  • Discover hidden places and unknown spaces
  • Enjoy the best of New England, whether you’re a native, or whether it’s your very first trip

Any time is the best time to plan a vacation, so why not download this FREE guide right now?

I know, I know – just reading about the wonderful adventures you can have will make you want to jump in your car (or a plane) right now. But hold off long enough to read the entire guide, because you never know what you’ll discover!

For example, if you decide you’d like to explore Boston’s legendary Beacon Hill neighborhood, we can tell you which streets have the most beautiful 网投平台大全s, where to shop, and even what those odd little purple glass window panes mean.

Or perhaps you’ve already been to Newport, RI to visit the stunning mansions, summer “cottages” of the Vanderbilts, Whitneys and other fabulously wealthy citizens of the Gilded Age. When you read our free guide, you’ll discover some of the lesser-known 网投平台大全s you may have overlooked, or activities such as the Servant’s Life Tour at The Elms, where you can discover the less-known side of Newport life. (Yes, it’s almost like being downstairs at Downton Abbey!)

Let me see, what else … oh yes, this guide even has suggestions for places to go to in Maine to moose-watch! Bet you’ve never seen that in any other travel guide!

As you can see, no matter what your favorite activity or state, you’ll find something fun, rewarding or delicious in this free guide.

How much would you pay for a book on the best New England vacations?

Probably a lot more than the price of this guide: $0. Remember, we’re giving it away free, because we love New England so much we can’t help but brag. Also, we’re New Englanders. We understand frugality.

But the quality of this guide is above and beyond anything you’d imagine getting for free. Our writers eat, try and visit everything they write about. We talk to hundreds of people to get their views. We review our 80 years of archives for historical information. We live here and we love it more than any other place on Earth. There is simply no better resource for all things New England than Yankee – and you get all of that expertise and love in this free guide.

What can you expect to read about in this free guide? You get all this:

  • Classic attractions and activities
  • New favorites
  • Seacoast towns
  • Mountain fun
  • Walking and hiking spots
  • City treats
  • Favorite restaurants
  • Best inns
  • Great shopping

Read about the Mount Washington Cog Railway (steepest track in North America!)… summertime in Hartford … Boston’s Swan Boats … photo ops in Acadia National Park … even exploring the world of Yankee Candle, the “Scenter of the Universe.” (Sorry, Boston, you just think you’re the Hub.)

Imagine wandering through a world of handmade jewelry, baskets, pottery, fiber arts, glass, and more, all created by New Hampshire artists. No, it’s not a museum – you can buy anything your heart desires. That’s the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen Retail Gallery in Littleton, NH.

Picture your family challenging each other to a game of skee-ball in the Fun-O-Rama at York Beach, ME, then grabbing some ice cream cones before heading to the beach for some fun in the waves.

Or plan a day cycling the Burlington, VT shoreline on Lake Champlain (keep an eye out for Champ, the resident lake monster!), crossing the Winooski River and heading down the Colchester Town bike trail, all before riding out onto the lake itself on a 3½-mile former railroad causeway. Perhaps you’ll even catch the seasonal bike ferry to the scenic roads threading the Champlain Islands.

All these ideas are in the guide, and so much more, across the entire region. You can plan a romantic weekend trip or a weeklong family vacation, in the mountains, in the heart of Boston, or on the beach. These New England treasures are our favorites here at Yankee, the products of 80 years of research, travel and affection, and a New England Yankee would never steer you wrong.

What’s the best New England vacation for you?

Whether you have an active family, or whether you just want to get away by yourself, the best New England vacation for whatever you want or need is just a click away when you download this free guide.

And I hope you won’t delay in reading it, because the delights of New England await. From Hartford to York Beach, it’s all here, and it’s all free for your browsing and dreaming pleasure. Lobster cruises to Maine’s Desert Island, picnics overlooking all of Providence, strolls past public art in Boston’s Rose F. Kennedy Greenway, live performances at Keene, NH’s 1924 Colonial Theater, and hundreds more experiences await you.

And if it’s drinking and dining that really ices your cupcakes … think succulent pork loin brined in Vermont cider, in-house beers like “Naughty Nurse,” “Uncle Dunkel” in Hartford, freshly baked Maine wild-blueberry pies, or lobster, clams, scallops and shrimp at New Hampshire’s favorite clam shack overlooking the Blackwater River. And this is just … if you’ll pardon the pun … a taste. Honestly, there’s so much information in this free guide, I can’t possibly tell you about all of it here.

The best part is, you don’t have to choose just one vacation – there’s so much in this free guide, you’ll be traveling and enjoying different New England locales for years to come. So download this FREE guide now and get ready for adventure! There’s no place in the world like New England, and no better guide to it than Best New England Vacations!

Yours for the most delicious, exciting, comfortable, relaxing vacation ever,

Aimee Seavey
Digital Editor, New England Today

PS: There are a million stories in New England: How about the one where the guy got stuck inside Canobie Lake Park’s Mirror maze, only to finally stumble out sweating and covered in candy apple? Doesn’t that sound like the perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon?

PPS: Did I mention that this travel guide is absolutely FREE? No New Englander could drive a better bargain!


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